the end is close

I left Japan on 3/29/2001, after a whole year in Japan, a whole year since I first put my feet on Japanese soil, leaving behind that Air France plane. It was a year full with invaluable experiences, which I take back home, while I can share a part of it with this weblog. Everything following this posting are articles I didn't post yet, no new stories. Anyway, I plan to return to Japan as soon as possible, maybe already this summer.

No Joe Cartoons with Superfly, no slipper-squieker, no disgusting left-overs from two weeks before in the sink, no sadistic janitor, no "watashi ha oishisou", no Japan Times in the lounge, no Sento, no American Pie and Galaxy Quest citations, no Pornmaster and his carpet burn, no friendly Japanese, no "German Phannkuchen", no 450 gramm Spaghettibowle, no Fargo-Fuckyou, no "oh my god, Richard!", no Cartoons on my walls, no wonderful lounch in Ritsumeikan's cafeteria ... I'm, going to miss it.

As I already left Japan, I started a new journal, this time about Korea, I plan to write about the differences and parallels of the two cultures as well.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope it was interesting.

Tomislav Grabic

P.S.: I'm looking for a successor for this journal. If you are halfway fluent in English and staying in Japan at the time you read this, you are eligible. Please send an eMail to me.